Welcome to the family of Kita Cool which has experience in providing health and hygiene solutions to homes and institutions in india. These health and hygiene solutions cover crucial aspects of our day-to-day lives like water Purification, and Cleaning Solutions.

Kita Cool initiative to provide customized state-of-the art Water at workplaces to create a healthier, happier and more productive business environment for employees and customers. Our wide range of products and services is custom-built to cater to the health and hygiene requirements of a wide spectrum of institutions and industries.

In keeping with our commitment to bring you the latest in product and services to cater to your ever changing needs, we now bring you the Kita Cool RO+UV a product that gives you more features and benefits than any thing else available. The seven unique stages of water purification ensures that our customers get the ultimate, convenience and safe health.

Kita Cool RO+UV storage water cooler cum purifier with one of its kind purification (RO+UV+Alkaline technology), Cooling and storage solution available in india for the first time.

It deploys cutting-edge technology to ensure your drinking water is not only but also 100% safe. It is backed by decades of experience and nationwide Kita Cool network, so you can be assured of the perfect water solution to help your workplace stay healthier, happier and more productive.

Kita Cool RO+UV Purifier is equipped with highest quality standards components for each of the purification and filtration module, which have been designed to take care of higher capacity requirement and efficient performance. kita Cool RO+ UV Purifier makes the water both chemically and micro-biologocally potable by reducing hardness, TDS, heavy metal contaminants like Arsenic, lead, Mercury and by removing pathogenic micro-organisms. Consequently, it revives the original taste of water. It unique 7 stage purification process also reduces pesticides in the water and reduce scale formation, when water heated.

Filtration Stages

Pre Sediment Filter

Using Polypropylene yarn wounded catridge to remove physical impurities from the input water.

Pre Carbon Filter

Specially treated carbon block used for absorbing colour, odour, organic impurities and chlorine and prevents microbial growth or activated carbon block. Activated carbon block also removes chlorination byproducts from water.

Anti Scalant Filter

This prevents the reverse osmosis membrane from scaling deposits as the complex molecules will not get settled and gets flushed away along with concentrate (reject) water flow.

UV Filter

The UV filter fitted at the point of use ensures that the water that you consume is safe and free from disease-causing microbes.

Sediment Filter

Sediment filter traps all the fine Impurities presents in the input water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter

Reverse osmosis membrane filter has a porosity of 0.0001 micron and strains the micro-organism TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from the input water. This stage Reduce 95% of the Salt from water.

Anti Bacterial Alkaline

Active Mineral Cartridges are also known as alkaline filters & are installed after RO Membrane filter, to give soothing & sweet taste to the pure drinking water. This Active Mineral Cartridge Filter also makes the water healthy for drinking by increasing the pH value of drinking water to above 7 & imparting essential bio minerals to the drinking water. This process enhances the taste of the pure Water.